California Necklace Fundraiser 2018

As yet another round of horrific wildfires spreads devastation across California, we feel the urgent need to reprise our California Necklace Fundraiser. 100% of proceeds from the purchases of our California Necklaces will be donated to fire relief efforts.

If you shopped this fundraiser in support of the Northern California Relief Efforts last fall but still want to help, please consider spreading the word or gifting a California Necklace this holiday season. If you'd like to donate directly without purchase, please reach out at for more details.

Stay safe, California. We are with you.


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Trio Necklace in Pink
Trio Necklace in Pink


  • Chain Length: 16" with three pendants totaling the size of an m&m 
  • 14 karat gold fill, Cubic Zirconia
  • Handcrafted (with love) in San Francisco


Healing powers of Cubic Zirconia: While CZ is a synthesized stone, it is still said to be able to improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego. Cubic Zirconia can also provide a detoxing energy that summons clarity or a sense of “clearing out.”