W&H Ambassador Information and FAQ's

The Perks!

  • 10% commission on all sales generated through your link
  • $50 store credit each month if sales generate $300+
  • Exclusive discount code to share with friends and family
  • Insider information about new and upcoming pieces
  • Featured regularly on our social media outlets

The Requirements:

    • Post Weekly in the VIP FB Group
    • Interact with other posts in the VIP FB page
    • Interact on W&H social media posts on FB & Instagram
    • Post a picture or video of you unboxing all the new pieces you get from W&H
    • Share your latest jewelry purchases, your favorite ways to style them or BOTH
    • Share our new products & their release dates
    • Portray the W&H lifestyle in a positive light

5 Tips on how to be a FAB Ambassador

1. Share Your Link or Code.

  • Your Instagram bio is a great spot to place your W&H ambassador link. If you happen to have your own blog or website then we recommend creating a Linktree account so that you can link to multiple sites via your profile. 
  • If you are showing off a pic of your jewelry with friends on social media be sure to include your link/code. This will give them a discount and you a little cash back ;)
 2. Be Proactive.
  • If you're in this program then you should already be aware of our important dates. Helping remind your friends & family about these dates in advance is vital to them grabbing the pieces when they're in stock!
 3. Know Your Jewelry.
  • Know our brand and know our jewelry the more you know the better you'll be at suggesting the best fitting piece! 
4. Spread The Word. 
  • The point of this program is to reach new #wafflesandhoneytribe members outside of our currently social outlets.
  • Invite friends into our Facebook VIP group so they can get in on the behind the scenes of the brand. 
 5.  Be Engaging. 
  • We have a fun filled community of amazing women. Helping actively encourage them by commenting on their posts in our VIP group brings joy like you couldn't imagine! 
  • Although you can't share your private code or link IN the VIP group, you can make your own daily post and engage with other tribe members. Often friendships are built and they begin following their new friends outside of the group ( which is a great place for you to tell them about your code). 


  • What do i need to do as an "Ambassador"?
    • See the requirements and tips listed at the top of this page
  • Will i be provided with any of the products to endorse?
    • We aren’t providing ambassadors with free samples however we would love for you to share the pieces you currently have as well as any unboxing of new pieces. Since we are offering store credit for sales over $300 technically you will be getting free jewelry and then with 10% commission from all your referrals your collection will grow quickly depending on how many people use your link.
  • Do I only post on the group FB VIP page?
    • Post in VIP group weekly and comment on other posts there. Post on your own Insta page and interact with our Instagram posts- share our Insta posts. We also recommend  posting on your own FB page/personal blog/other social media websites about us as well- the sky is the limit with how you want to share Waffles with your community
  • Is there protocol for how to post?
    • No specific protocol! Our best guidance is to just be yourself!  No need to be salesy. Be authentic and talk about the brand like how you would talk to a friend  Obviously we choose you to be an ambassador b/c you love W&H and we want you to spread that love with others! We just ask that everything be appropriate and family friendly! 

Any other questions you may have please post in the Ambassador Facebook Group and we'll get them answered and then posted here! 

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Trio Necklace in Pink
Trio Necklace in Pink


  • Chain Length: 16" with three pendants totaling the size of an m&m 
  • 14 karat gold fill, Cubic Zirconia
  • Handcrafted (with love) in San Francisco


Healing powers of Cubic Zirconia: While CZ is a synthesized stone, it is still said to be able to improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego. Cubic Zirconia can also provide a detoxing energy that summons clarity or a sense of “clearing out.”